As years go by, style also keeps changing. What was stylish 1 year ago, would be considered a major faux-pas on here. Obviously, I am not qualified at all to judge style. Neither am I experimental with my looks. Well, I did cut my long(ish) hair pretty short. That has been the bravest moment of my life to date.

However, there are certain trends that I think are absolutely ridiculous and not stylish at all. Saggy pants. Why. Why. Why. They look awful and so unattractive. Also, how do those pants not fall off? How do they hold them up like that? Mysteries.

Then there are those pants with knee cutouts. I don’t even know if they have some special name, and I could not even be bothered to find out. I remember watching a Youtuber who was wearing it and being so put off by it. Next thing you know, everyone is wearing them. Did people suddenly develop some knee fetish? Is that why I am single? I am not showing enough knee?

Aside from these two things, as long as you’re confident in your look, you’re going to look hella stylish, no matter what.