Fatherly Friend

I think the most interesting aspect of humans is their relationships. Each one is so unique, bizarre, and special. You can never duplicate a relationship. While you can find similarities, you will also find a few differences. No copy and paste feature in relationships.

One of the most interesting relationships I have is with my male best friend. He is a dad. And no, he doesn’t have a child. At least not that I know of. He just tends to be very dad like around me. Don’t dress this way. Don’t get a navel piercing. This guy isn’t good for you. Spend your money wisely.

In the age where youth are fully immersed in the world of Internet, he decides to cut the internet connection at his home. It’s a waste of time, he says. What’s the point of living, if you are not going to waste a few hours every day on the best man-made creation yet- The Internet.

Also, he is super smart. Reads a lot. His smartness is both alluring and annoying. I think he would be the male version of Hermione Granger. Yeah, that comparison makes sense. His smartness has been very useful for me. He has helped me with my university work. A lot. He never understood my habit of procrastinating (always a difficult word for me to spell) until it is 5 hours to deadline. But that’s how almost all university students operate. Not him.

Maybe, one day I will be able to convince him to write a personal (ish) post, so we can see the world from his eyes. Could be interesting…