What’s in your closet? Relationships!

When you come from a small city and a conservative community, you develop this ability to live a dual life. There are a lot of aspects of you that you have to keep a secret. One of them is your relationships. Gotta keep those private!

This is a recent conversation I had regarding some woman.

Me: Is she married? Engaged?

(I know. I know. I am nosy)

Friend: Nope. From what I know.

Friend: Think she has spoilt her name and stuff.

Me: Really. Why?

Friend: Just boyfriends.

Yes. You run the risk of ruining your reputation because of your dating history. This is so baffling. You meet someone. You feel a connection. You date them to explore more of it. It doesn’t work out. You break up. You get over that person. And the cycle repeats until you find someone worthy of breaking this cycle. Why is this considered bad?

So what happens? We all hide our relationships. Not because we are private people. Nah, because we fear what people will think of us. You start strategizing. What would be the best place to meet so as to avoid being seen? What lies do you tell your family?  Honestly, these skills are going to come in very handy when we have to get away with murder.