Holidays for Singles!

When you join the formal employment sector, it doesn’t take long for you to start envisioning your next holiday. An 8-5 work clock does that to you. So, you start looking at travel destinations and travel packages. But most of these packages are catered for couples or groups. What happens if you want to travel alone?

If you look at all these Western youth posts, there are a lot of articles on traveling alone. Eat, pray and love shit. Travelling by yourself is supposed to be this great discovery that one must embark on. And they make some valid arguments. But there really isn’t such a culture here. Yes, people will travel alone for education or work purposes. But what about for recreational reasons? Do you know anyone that has said I am going to go to Bahamas by myself? Or even Mara.

So here I am. I want to travel. I would want to do it alone. If I went up to my family and told them this was my plan, they would not think I am joking. The same way they’ve been taking my whole “I want a navel piercing” desire lightly.

A lot of people reading this will be thinking if you want to travel alone; just do it. What are you waiting for? But it’s not easy. You are scared. You don’t know what to expect. I have never heard of any Kenyan travelling by themselves. So how do I even plan my trip? What’s the budget like? What places would be best suited for such a travel? Too many questions.  Hopefully, one day, I’d be writing another post, that answers all these questions.


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